Noah Koff

There are different styles of coaching but there's a common thread -- a coach is someone who helps people to set and achieve goals in life and business.

Here's a simple way to think about it, coaches work on different types of outcomes, and the value-added is based on a coaches' unique skills, experience, approach and values.

Because there are often questions, and sometimes even confusion, I hope to clear that up here with a simple overview of my style of coaching and how it relates to others.

What Does A Coach Do?

I help and support founders (and co-founders) improve the functional areas of marketing & sales, innovation, culture and hiring so their business runs better.

In a successful partnership people gain:

  • Business objectives to scale impact (quarterly and annually);
  • Goal setting (short and long term destinations);
  • Development plans to learn new skills / tools to support business objectives;
  • Growth mindset and greater resilience to overcome obstacles;
  • Faster and more confident decision making;
  • Accountability for sustainable progress with personal objectives.

What Styles of Coaching Overlap With My Style of Coaching?

1. Business Coaching: Helps entrepreneurs develop coaching plans, assessing business strengths and weaknesses, and fine tuning process to boost business performance measures.

Value-added: Solutions for business issues and making actionable recommendations relating to general management of finance, cash flow, people and operations.

2. Agile Coaching: Guides multi-discipline teams through the implementation process for software products and / or content programs.

Value-added: Team collaboration, innovation, and ensuring effective business outcomes for organizations.

3. Life Coaching: Guides people who are confused about what to do with their life through goal setting and prioritization.

Value-added: enables personal growth through changing behavior to achieve their goals.

How Do I Know If I Need A Coach?

It's a good time to engage a coach if you are sometimes feeling frustrated, stuck, or overwhelmed without solutions for your challenges relating to different aspects of growing your business. One part of this is helping you with frameworks to answer your big and urgent questions. Other parts are hiring, delegating, negotiations, performance management and dealing with difficult people.

Strategic Planning: What short term objectives will create the most impact for annual goals with the least amount of effort? How can you collaborate as a team to set objectives and direct accountabilities?

Capital: How can you effectively fundraise and run your business at the same time? How can you fine tune your pitch to win over tough investors to get the capital you need?

Go To Market: how can you get high revenue and ROI from your marketing investment? How should you approach adding high-value customers at scale?

Innovation: How can technology be used to improve your customer experience? How can you ideate and validate new products for your brand?

Organization: Why is it important to delegate the functional areas of marketing & sales, creative and product? How should you approach building a high performance team around you?


Clarify your strengths and challenges and get a maturity framework to level up.




Strategy Session

Your first step is a free session to help you with the method to rapidly scale revenue for your business. In preparation for our session, I'll send you a quiz to pinpoint your strengths and challenges.


Create Rapid Growth Plan

It may be possible that I could ramp-up on your business over the coming few weeks. I'll scope, shape and structure the program to deliver the results your business needs.


Execute Rapid Growth Plan

We'll partner to execute objectives aligned to your goals and resources. I'll show up for you every week to help with hands-on skills and wisdom to impact your objectives and course-correction.

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Noah Koff's mission is 100x impact for world changing ideas. He's as solo entrepreneur who has founded and built multiple companies from the ground up, including Redwood, a successful consulting practice based in Portland, Oregon. His wisdom comes from working as an executive for respected agencies and INC5000 recognized companies. Noah's experience has taken him around the world with diverse organizations, categories and business models in Portland, San Francisco, New York and London.