Training Videos

First steps for changing trajectory

Want my approach for going from sluggish or declining growth to explosive results? In this video, I'm teaching the leadership skillsets, tools, and mindset for success.


  • The no.1 thing that's stopping you from a breakthrough
  • My approach for changing course
  • What the first 60 days could look like in your business

Scaling and fundraising at the same time

Want efficiency for accelerating traction and running effective fundraising in parallel? In this video, I'm teaching the most important things I know from leading 2x and 3x growth and achieving big goals.


  • How to clearly show traction for investors?
  • 4 horsemen of doom for scaling business
  • 10 things that leaders do who have peak performance


The first step to reaching your big goal is connecting for a chat, to clarify your big goal and giving you clarity, and confidence, with your exact next steps.