Have you ever built your business to a big high (or came down to a low) and then began to question, is this really the right thing?

Has this been a moment when you started questioning what you really desire from life?

Because there’s a place on your entrepreneurial journey, when you want to combine work with a life you love.

Seth Godin says, “when what you do is what you love, you’re able to invest more effort, care and time.”

I’ve been there myself, been unsatisfied and emotionally worn out from the journey getting to this place.

Here’s the thing, until you absolutely love what you do — you often feel exhausted. Not burnt out but not in the zone either.

Can you relate?

When you choose to do the work to build the business you love the results are so rich, you grow into the life you imagine — profits and quality time to enjoy the good stuff in life.

Here are my top tips for doing this work:

✅ Embrace messy action - by letting go of overdoing it to get things perfect — you get way more done in business and life. 80% effort is often good enough to get business results you need.

✅ Know (and lean into) your genius area; when you figure this out it’s easier to do what you love, what you enjoy and where there’s a need in the world.

✅ Build a team you love working with; realizing value in business is a team sport. Attract people who complement your genius area, bring the right skill sets and energy to the mission.

✅ Work regularly with a mentor to unleash massive action and leadership at the next level guarantees success.

✅ Continually invest in your personal wellness; practice daily rituals and keep active to process emotions in a healthy way, ensuring you feel good and enjoy the ride everyday.

✅ Reward yourself often for wins big and small; even when you don’t see it, you do a big job every day. And many people don’t have half the strength and courage you have to be on this mission. Treat yourself often to what brings you joy — you deserve it!

Just picture what it could look like for you to have the business YOU love.

Just imagine, how far can you really take this?

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Noah Koff


Noah Koff's mission is to better business and life for clients. He's founded and built multiple companies from the ground up, including his personal consultancy in Portland, Oregon. His wisdom comes from decades working for respected agencies and product companies big and small in Portland, San Francisco, New York City and London.