Noah helps founders become data-driven leaders who have the skillset to build and scale their organization to +$100K/months and giant leaps beyond.

Noah brings experience as a senior executive at multiple startups, 20 years of organizational coaching, a vast toolkit in all things high-performance, expertise in growth marketing, organizational design, and scaling from his successful personal consultancy.

Results you can expect

✅ Getting to between 50% and 100% revenue growth

✅ Developing your leadership skills, tools and growth mindset for maximum impact

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Noah Koff

What you get

  • 1 personal pathway session (over Google video) of 60 minutes
  • Personal accountability structure
  • Weekly sessions (with Google video) over 12 weeks
  • Messaging anytime for "quick questions"
  • Personality test (Neris type explorer) and leadership style assessment
  • Resource hub (templates, worksheets, trainings)

Activities you can expect

  • Working with Noah involves tactical and high-leverage activities like business strategic vision creation or updating (values, purpose, brand promise)
  • Setting/focusing in on business quarterly/annual priorities and support structures that will step you to 50% revenue growth. And then stepping you into new structures that get you to 100% revenue growth depending on what you can handle
  • Developing key metrics and implementing metric dashboards
  • Prioritizing and project/task planning
  • Organization design/restructure/hiring
  • 80:20 thinking to clarify areas of leverage with customers, product features & benefits, marketing & sales, weekly activities
  • Pivots, course correction and change management
  • Identifying skill opportunities and training plan recommendations to support leadership effectiveness with current business objectives each H

What clients say...

  • One Founder who worked with Noah spoke to the power of Noah’s coaching to help him set priorities straight through their quarterly planning: “I am much more focused about what I am taking on, the resources I need to put in place and where my focus needs to be. I've got a more of a sense of ease and focus, and am able to resist shiny objects and FOMO.”
  • A Founder spoke to how Noah helped him practically identify the gaps in the business and build the next steps. “We broke down all the resources I had currently for the business, identified key gaps and then developed a clear plan to execute. It was a level of clarity I hadn't been able to get to on my own.”
  • Another Founder who has been working with Noah for 3+ years noted that working with Noah is “somewhat relentless. I’m always accountable to him. He helps me prioritize and eliminate the noise and distractions. [Working with Noah makes me] way more prepared for every meeting and every call. That gives me confidence and helps me stay calm and focused.”

This will be a great for...

  • Looking for marketing or thinking through growth support, and structures, especially if you have an Ecommerce business and can handle ramping up to 50% and 100% revenue growth;
  • Visionary entrepreneur or product creator; who is great with the ideas but who struggles on the execution and getting focused on the right things in the right order to make that idea a reality; 
  • Founder who needs help getting focused, setting goals, developing business plans, implementing metrics, support while executing on projects, becoming data-driven; 
  • Removing the paralysis of not knowing what to do next because now can be more data-driven - by helping people set up dashboards and trackers. 

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