Today I'm announcing the $100K founders Grant for purpose-driven business leaders. I'm setting out to help 100 founders with 100x impact for their world changing ideas.

How it works: I’ll be carefully selecting up to 100 people over the year for grants of $1K each for Mental Fitness service.

The idea for the grant started with a simple insight, it’s tough running your business and fundraising at the same time. It's two jobs. I’ve been there myself and have compassion for founders who are struggling to realize dreams. I want to make it easier for anyone with an investable idea to get funding from ideal investors, without running out of runway or burning themselves out.

My goal is to integrate new tools and techniques, to help founders with peak performance in all aspects of life. And on this journey, one of the first steps I take with clients is strengthening mental fitness. With mental fitness you can have peak performance, peace of mind and healthy relationships. When you apply this to different aspects of life, studies show that teams perform 31% better, sales people sell 37% more, people are 3x more creative, happier and live 10 years longer. 

In order to build great companies, and have huge impact with world changing ideas, business leaders first need to have a strong foundation of muscle building from mental fitness. This is how you can show up as your best self with a bulletproof pitch, to win over tough investors, and get the funding you need. It's why I train with clients (and practice myself) on this simple building block to activate this part of the brain. This is how you can have ease, flow and peak performance building business to 7 & 8-Figure outcomes. 

Without mental fitness, you end up wasting time and money on bad habits that live in the brain. This looks like getting in the way of yourself or burning yourself out dealing with difficult people. But when you grow core mental muscles, you respond to life's challenges (and setbacks) with a positive rather than negative mindset. This is how you win the war. 

I hope this grant will elevate more founders to realize their unique vision and reach their full potential. I'm grateful to my teachers, mentors, family and friends for their support and help on this journey. 

Noah Koff, January 5th 2023

How it works and eligibility requirements:

  • I’ll be selecting up to 100 people over the year for grants of $1K each for Mental Fitness service  (this is a technology assisted program with our partner, POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE®, which retails for $1K right now).
  • I'll be personally working with up to 5 entrepreneurs in each pod (a pod is an accountability group)
  • Enrollment for Cohort 2 pod is open: submit application here

In order to be eligible for this grant for our 6 week program:

1. You MUST be an active, entrepreneur / Founder

This could be running your startup business or a co-Founder within your company or side hustle.

2. You MUST participate with an accountability group of at least 3-5 entrepreneurs, including you.

Research proves you're 500% more likely to succeed in our program when you partner with buddies who can offer accountability and support.

3. You MUST fully commit to the program throughout it's duration.

Once the program begins we expect you to participate fully. That means investing in your success, and that means setting aside a few hours each week for the lessons and exercises.

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Noah consults for Sequoia VC backed companies and his work has been recognized on the INC5000 fastest growing companies list. His coaching is a great fit for a leader who is great with ideas and sometimes without execution to get to the next level. He believes that the best way to turbo charge life is to discover your genius area and lean into it. His wisdom comes from decades working for respected agencies and product companies big and small in Portland, San Francisco, New York City and London.