Noah Koff

Since announcing my accelerator I've had a flurry of thoughtful questions.

So if you are curious or considering -- this Q&A is for you!

Why are you doing this?

I created the accelerator to help Founders add +$100K months (and 7-Figure results) faster and easier by implementing repeatable systems for business planning, marketing and sales. My program grew from my mission to build good businesses.

COVID has presented all businesses, and founders, with unique challenges, opportunities and needs for leadership skills development. If you are stuck without 7-Figure results right now, and want hands on wisdom and support to turn your vision into reality, this opportunity is for you.

What type of businesses do you work with?

I work with diverse business models and sectors. My sweet spot is midsize product companies who are in market and doing at mid/high 6-Figures today. The key thing for me is partnering with the right people, who are "coachable", who can think differently, adapt and take action.

How does it work?

The first step is a 45 minute chemistry to talk about your business, the results you need and the approach. On this call we can mutually determine if we have the right fit for a partnership.

How long is the program?

The first part is 2 weeks and the output is an audit and a prioritized action plan. I work closely with a "select" group of Founders to build their future business, over a period of 3 months (or longer, as long as it takes to get you to your intended results).

What is your training to work with entrepreneurs?

I've been there as a Founder myself. I know all about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, co-founder issues, fundraising, culture and hiring from founding and building multiple companies from the ground up. Combined with this I have 20 years of practical experience as a coach of high performance teams and organizations. My formal training as a coach was in 2002.

Can I learn more about client successes?

My LinkedIn profile is well documented with client testimonials and vouches from +250 people over 25 yrs of rich and diverse business experience.

How much does the program cost?

The program is priced from $2500/month or above.


Gain insight into your strengths and challenges and what's blocking your business from taking off.




Chemistry Session

Your first step is a free session to help you clarify your challenge to rapidly scale 7-figures for your business. In preparation for our session, I'll send you some questions to answer.


Create Rapid Revenue Plan

It may be possible that I could ramp-up on your business over the coming few weeks. I'll scope, shape and structure the program to deliver the results your business needs.


Execute Rapid Revenue Plan

We'll partner to execute objectives aligned to your goals and resources. I'll show up for you every week to help with hands-on skills and wisdom to impact your objectives and course-correction.

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Noah Koff


Noah Koff's mission is to build good founders and good businesses. He has founded and built multiple companies from the ground up, including Redwood, a successful consulting practice based in Portland, Oregon. His wisdom comes from decades working for respected agencies and product companies big and small. Noah's roots extend from global business hubs; San Francisco, New York City and London, where he's worked across diverse organizations, categories and business models.